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Application and advantages of high power LED lamp bead in automobile lamp field
2020-08-26 15:26:48

First of all, we should understand the advantages of high-power LED lights

1. Luminous flux (brightness): the brightness of high-power LED car lights is generally between 1000-3000lm, with ultra-high brightness, which makes it safer for car owners to drive in rain, fog and night.

2. Fast start: LED lamp bead ms level start, almost instant start, overcome slow start, overtaking blind line of sight, more protect the safety of car owners and pedestrians.

3. High efficiency: high power LED luminous efficiency, efficiency is several times or even more than 10 times of other lights.

4. Power saving: LED lamp bead low-voltage drive, energy-saving and power-saving, so that the car battery can be used for a longer time, the car performance is more guaranteed, the car owners save more money, save energy and environmental protection.

5. Good spot: the color temperature is easy to control in the production process of high-power LED lamp beads, no yellow spot, strong color consistency, can keep the color of left and right lights consistent.

6. Long service life: the service life of LED lamp beads is long, and the general service life is 50000-100000 hours. The automobile light life can be extended at least 5 years by using high-power LED lamp beads.

7. High power LED automobile lamp overcomes the decoding problem of xenon lamp and avoids the hidden danger of car burning / spontaneous combustion.

8. Environmental protection: LED lamp beads do not contain mercury and other heavy metals, green, energy-saving, environmental protection.

In the private car industry, high-power LED lamp beads have a great application. At present, many middle and low-end cars still use halogen or xenon headlights. However, halogen and xenon headlights are quite different from LED lamps in range, power, starting time and service life. Take mainstream products on the market as an example

Halogen lamp: Power: 55W, brightness: 800lm, color temperature: 2700k, service life: 500h

Xenon lamp: Power: 35W, brightness: 3800lm, color temperature: 3000K ~ 12000k, service life: 3000h

LED lamp: Power: 28w, brightness: 2800 ~ 3200lm, color temperature: 5500k ~ 6000K, service life: > 50000h

Through the above description, brightness: Xenon lamp > LED lamp > halogen lamp. Power: LED lamp < halogen lamp < xenon lamp

LED lamp beads are mainly used in automobile LED headlights with single high-power LED beads, with power up to 300W; there are also several LED beads with high brightness, high brightness and strong penetration, which highlight the temperament of high-grade cars.

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