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Classification of automobile lamps
2020-01-03 16:35:12

Now the use of LED lights is more and more widely, more and more automobile manufacturers will be equipped with the original lights as LED lights. Do you know what kinds of LED lights are commonly used in cars? We often use LED car lights.

1. The headlights are usually used at night or when the visibility is low and the light is not good. In some models, the high and low beam lights are integrated. In some models, the high and low beam lights are separated. In other models, there is no LED headlight. These believe that the vast majority of car friends should have experience. We have to distinguish between the use of lights in different positions in different situations. If there are street lights at night, we usually use low beam lights, and if there are no street lights, we will use high beam lights, because high beam lights will cause line of sight interference to drivers on the other side's road, which is easy to affect the visual judgment of drivers on the other side.

2. Automobile fog lamp is divided into front fog lamp and rear fog lamp. Some vehicles only have rear fog lamp but not front fog lamp. Automobile fog lamp is generally used in the case of haze and thunderstorm. And the car's fog lamp needs strong penetration, so the general LED lamp is yellow, or the lamp is yellow. In addition, some industry default "light words" are used for automobile fog lights in combination with headlights.

3. The car's daily running light, usually next to the car's headlight, mainly serves as a warning and reminding function to remind others that there is a car when driving in the daytime.

4. As long as the car width indicator plays a warning role. Generally in the front and back of the car on both sides of the edge of the position, mainly at night to remind other drivers of the length and width of the size of the car lights.

5. The double flashing lights of cars usually need to be turned on when we are in an emergency or a traffic accident. In case of traffic accident on the road, double flashing lights (emergency lights) shall be turned on immediately and warning signs shall be placed behind the vehicle. There are many friends who turn on double flash in haze weather. This kind of behavior is actually not correct. Friends who have done this wrong behavior should remember that in haze weather, what we need is to turn on the fog lights.

6. Car turn signals, basically we use them every day. For example, when the car turns, changes lanes, overtakes and other behaviors, we need to turn on the turn light. The function of the turn light is to turn the car, remind the driver in front or the driver behind, and then you will turn, change lanes or overtake.

7. The tail light is mainly installed on both sides of the rear of the car. It is mainly used as a warning to remind the driver behind that there is a car in front of him. Please keep a proper distance.

8. The car brake light is usually installed at the rear of the car to remind the rear of the car that I need to brake. Please keep a good distance or slow down. The brake light is usually red or the lamp is red.

9. Back up lights are also installed at the rear of the car, mainly for lighting and reminding other drivers that you need to back up

10. Automobile instrument lights, used in the instrument panel, mainly provide you with various warning or operation information.

11. The interior lamp of the car, including the door lamp and the reading lamp of the car, is mainly the interior lighting of the car to facilitate the action of the people in the car.

12. The license plate lamp is mainly used together with the width lamp when driving at night or when the light is dark, to illuminate the car photo lamp. It is a light that must be turned on when driving at night.

13. The trunk lamp provides lighting for the trunk. At the same time of opening the trunk lid, a light will be automatically lit in the trunk to facilitate taking things.