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Development of LED lamp
2020-09-10 16:30:33

The external application of automobile is also in continuous development. LED has been applied to brake lamp, tail lamp, turn signal lamp, reverse lamp, high brake lamp, etc., among which brake light, tail lamp and high brake light have large application scale. As a vehicle headlamp lighting, due to the need for high-power LED, it is restricted by technology and led cost performance, especially in the fields of optics, electronic control and thermal management. It will take three to five years to popularize, and the industry only starts to apply on some luxury high-end models. In addition to tail lights and high-level brake lights that are widely used at present, LED will also be widely used in turn signal and reverse lights in the future. In 2010, the market scale of domestic LED automobile lamps may exceed 1 billion yuan, and the annual output value of 3 billion yuan may be formed in five years. According to iSuppli's "2010 led special report" released in 2009, it is estimated that by 2013, about 95% of new cars in the world will use led in one or more tail lights

There is a big difference between the price of LED lights and traditional lamps. For example, for a medium and high-grade car, the incandescent lamp combination rear lamp costs 120 yuan / set, while the LED combined rear lamp costs 210 yuan / set. As a result, the price of LED has dropped sharply, the luminous efficiency has been improved and the heat dissipation technology has been improved day by day. Although there are still some problems to be solved, the advantages of LED, such as small size, vibration resistance, energy saving and long life, give designers a broader design space, which are the elements to increase the application of LED in the car and outside. With the continuous improvement of product technology and the continuous expansion of product categories, the future of automobile will develop in the direction of safety and intelligence. Automobile lamps and lanterns will also develop in the direction of intelligent lighting system, artistic lamp products and green lamp products.

The sales volume of LED automobile lamps and lanterns market keeps a growth rate of about 10% every year, but the proportion of domestic LED lamps and lanterns is not high. The large number of LED models are concentrated in the middle and high-end automobile enterprises, and these automobile companies generally limit the brand of LED, so it is difficult for domestic led enterprises to enter the supply chain.