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Halogen lamps
2021-11-10 16:36:23

1. What is it?

Halogen headlamps are made of tungsten filament. Halogen gases such as iodine or bromine are injected into the tungsten filament bulb. At high temperature, the sublimated tungsten filament chemically reacts with the halogen.

2, the characteristics of

Halogen bulbs operate at higher temperatures and are brighter and more efficient than incandescent bulbs. But ordinary glass can soften at these temperatures, so halogen bulbs need quartz glass with a higher melting point. Quartz glass does not block ULTRAVIOLET light, so halogen bulbs usually require additional uv filters. But because they work differently, halogen bulbs work hotter, brighter and last longer than incandescent bulbs.

3, the principle of

Halogen lamps have the same basic luminous principle as incandescent lamps, which are both thermal radiation sources. The difference is that the halogen tungsten lamp is filled with a special working gas consisting of a 95% mixture (dibromomethane and krypton) and 5% high purity nitrogen, which sets up the halogen tungsten cycle in the bulb. The specific process is that the tungsten in the filament volatilizes out and moves to a lower temperature place, and then combines with Br2 at the tube wall to form WBr2. At a higher temperature, WBr2 will decompose again, and the generated W will return to the filament and Br to the working gas. This is the whole process of the halogen tungsten cycle. Through this halogen tungsten cycle, the tungsten on the filament will not volatilize gradually so that the filament will not burn, nor because of the deposition of tungsten on the bulb shell and black, its life is greatly extended.

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