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How to deal with the aging problem of automobile headlamp
2020-07-15 17:10:17

The problem of automobile headlamp aging has been troubling car owners. Today, we will talk about the aging of automobile headlights. Why does the aging of automobile headlights turn yellow? In order to avoid the aging of automobile headlights, what problems should be paid attention to when using a car? How to repair automobile headlamp after aging?

Why is the automobile headlamp aging?

There are more and more owners of private cars, but some owners will gradually find a problem, that is, their headlights are not on before. To put it bluntly, plastics are more consolidated than ordinary plastics. Therefore, after exposure to the sun and rain, there will be yellowing, fuzzy and other aging phenomena, and when driving at night, there will be hidden dangers. Because in the long-term use, the lampshade will turn yellow due to the surrounding environment, high temperature or long-term ultraviolet light irradiation.

PC material is generally used for automobile headlamp, and the surface of lamp cover is generally hardened to enhance durability.

The headlights are covered with cloth, so it's not cost-effective to replace them with new ones. In fact, there is a way to restore headlight brightness at least 90%, the cost is very low, may as well try.