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How to improve the brightness of halogen lamp
2020-08-06 14:48:32

Automobile halogen bulb contains halogen gas such as iodine or bromine. At high temperature, sublimated tungsten wire reacts with halogen, and the light emitted is yellow, showing warm light color and relatively dark. If you want to improve the brightness of halogen headlamp, you can only solve the problem by replacing the brighter bulb. Relatively speaking, the brightest halogen lamp in the car is the bright halogen lamp, which can increase the light by 20%, which is better than ordinary halogen lamp and incandescent lamp.

Halogen lamp technology has been mature, light is more uniform and soft, strong penetration, and the internal structure is very simple, maintenance is very convenient, compared with ordinary incandescent lamp, life is longer, the price is also relatively cheap. But there are also some disadvantages, that is, the use of high temperature, more power consumption, but the brightness is not high, which is also the distress of many car owners. To completely improve the overall lighting effect, you can only choose to refit xenon lamp or LED lamp.

Xenon lamp is different from halogen lamp. It is activated by high voltage current to emit xenon light source. It has strong color temperature, brightness, long service life and energy saving. LED lamp with LED as light source, high light quality, no delay, low energy consumption and long life. However, the heat dissipation of LED lamp is poor, the radiator must be equipped to reduce the working temperature of the headlamp, and the cost of LED headlamp is high, and the cost of refitting is expensive. It should be noted that the modification of automobile lights without authorization may not pass the annual review. For halogen lamps refitted with xenon or LED lamps, lenses should be installed.