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  • Why are xenon headlights popular and about to be eliminated?

    2020-08-06 14:52:07
    This should start from the shortcomings of xenon headlamp, which has a fatal disadvantage, namely astigmatism. Although the effect of "astigmatism" can only be seen by the driver of the opposite vehicle, it is very dangerous. Friends who are blinded by the headlights must have had a profound feeling. When the light of the opposite vehicle makes them unable to see the road ahead, it is easy to cause danger, so the astigmatism of xenon headlamp is a very dangerous problem. Therefore, you will find that models with xenon headlights are generally equipped with lenses. Only when used with lenses can the problem of astigmatism of xenon headlamps be weakened.
  • How to improve the brightness of halogen lamp

    2020-08-06 14:48:32
    Automobile halogen bulb contains halogen gas such as iodine or bromine. At high temperature, sublimated tungsten wire reacts with halogen, and the light emitted is yellow, showing warm light color and relatively dark. If you want to improve the brightness of halogen headlamp, you can only solve the problem by replacing the brighter bulb. Relatively speaking, the brightest halogen lamp in the car is the bright halogen lamp, which can increase the light by 20%, which is better than ordinary halogen lamp and incandescent lamp.
  • Halogen headlamp is the best light source?

    2020-07-22 15:16:36
    With the development of automobile science and technology, the types of automobile headlights are constantly improved. Halogen headlamp, xenon headlamp, LED headlamp and laser headlamp have appeared successively, which have been applied in different vehicle models. Different types of headlamp sources have their own advantages and disadvantages. So, which of these kinds of headlights is the best light source?
  • The halogen lamp is not bright enough

    2020-07-22 15:10:22
    Now automobile manufacturers will launch different configuration versions for the same model, so as to open the price to meet the different needs of consumers. However, some models only differ in a few unimportant configuration, but the price of the car is higher than 120000, so many friends will choose the suitable model and then refit it by themselves. Of course, the car less refers to legal modification, such as replacing the central control screen and installing reversing image. However, there is one configuration, we do not recommend upgrading and refitting, it is halogen headlamp.
  • LED automobile headlight bulb replacement skills

    2020-07-15 17:18:32
  • How to deal with the aging problem of automobile headlamp

    2020-07-15 17:10:17
    The problem of automobile headlamp aging has been troubling car owners. Today, we will talk about the aging of automobile headlights. Why does the aging of automobile headlights turn yellow? In order to avoid the aging of automobile headlights, what problems should be paid attention to when using a car? How to repair automobile headlamp after aging?
  • Treatment method for fogging of automobile headlight ​

    2020-07-02 15:10:36
    In the case of fog in the headlights, we can not worry too much. After the lights are turned on for a period of time, the fog will be discharged from the lamp with the hot gas through the trachea, which basically will not damage the headlamp and the electrical circuit.
  • The mystery of vehicle headlight, will the shape affect the brightness?

    2020-07-02 15:05:44
    As a motor vehicle, motorcycle has complex mechanical components, and the parts of the vehicle are independent and connected with each other. Understanding the parts of the motorcycle will help us to further deepen our understanding of the vehicle and help us to solve problems independently when we have problems. Today, our motorcycle class will talk about the car's headlights and explore the mystery of the vehicle's headlights. We all know that different models have different headlight shapes, but the ultimate goal is to use for lighting. So, does the shape of motorcycle headlight affect the brightness?
  • How far is the illumination distance of the headlight normal?

    2020-06-09 14:42:34
    The illumination distance of the headlamp has been adjusted at the time of delivery. If the headlamp has never been moved, it will never need to be adjusted. Generally, after changing the headlamp assembly, accident shaping at the front of the vehicle, or even changing the bulb, the height of the light may change. If the headlamp or bulb is moved, check whether the bulb or headlamp is installed in place before adjusting the height of the lamp. In general, the lights on both sides are getting closer or farther; the illumination distance of the headlights on both sides is different, one side is higher and the other side is lower; the headlights on one side are deviated, etc.
  • It's said that halogen headlights are out of date. Why are there many car owners still willing to use them?

    2020-06-09 14:31:23
    A lot of cars are halogen headlights, most of them should be like this. We all know the disadvantages of halogen headlights. If they don't light up, there may be accidents when the road conditions are bad, so many people choose to refit them at the first time. Halogen headlights are as shown in the figure. They are yellow, especially low beam headlights. If the light doesn't turn up, you can't see the road at all. I've seen a person almost bump into someone, that's the light. From halogen, xenon to LED, OLED, laser headlight, LCD headlight, etc., automobile headlights are constantly evolving, but some people still keep the most traditional halogen lamp and are unwilling to upgrade.
  • The current situation of automobile headlamp market, LED headlamp is the main force, your LED headlamp is "true"

    2020-05-28 14:42:42
    Headlights are like a pair of eyes of a car, one of the main factors to consider when choosing a model. After years of precipitation and development, the lamp has also become a representative of a brand, such as BMW's angel eye, Audi's matrix LED headlamp, Mercedes Benz's intelligent pixel LED car headlamp, Volvo's hammer lamp, all of which show the family style. Compared with halogen headlights and xenon headlights, LED headlights have their own unique advantages, such as.
  • Do you know the four mistakes of motorcycle LED lamp?

    2020-05-28 14:33:18
    When a lot of car owners refit LED lights for motorcycles, they will consider many problems, and the answers given by many dealers are different. In this case, many car owners will enter into a misunderstanding, because the fact is not what they say. Today, we will take you to understand the following mistakes about LED lights for motorcycles.
  • Current situation of automobile LED headlamp industry

    2020-05-06 15:52:28
    With the steady and rising development of China's automobile market, LED headlights are widely used in automobiles, and LED headlights are mainly used for external and internal lighting. The following is an analysis of the current situation of automobile LED headlamp industry.
  • How to deal with the yellowing of headlights?

    2020-05-06 15:29:49
    1. The lamp of a car is as important as the eyes of a person. The headlamp not only plays a very important role in driving safety, but also is the focus of the car's beauty. However, what should I do if the lamp shell turns yellow after a long time?
  • The past and present life of automobile headlights (2)

    2020-04-14 11:07:22
    Although xenon headlights have many advantages, with the development of automobile safety technology, higher requirements are put forward for lamps and lanterns, such as intelligent headlights system: the earliest follow-up steering function xenon headlights can barely cope, but now functions such as automatic meeting adjustment need complex dimming technology, and even can adjust the lighting area separately, which is the case for xenon headlights I can't do it.
  • The past and present life of automobile headlights (1)

    2020-04-14 10:58:21
    Tungsten and halogen lamps,Although the initial performance of the light bulb is not satisfactory, the power age is still an irresistible historical flood. In 1913, the spiral tungsten filament lamp replaced the original carbon filament lamp, the irradiation intensity increased by 50%, the service life and reliability were improved, which created the conditions for being installed on the bumpy car.
  • Some common misunderstandings about automobile LED headlights

    2020-04-08 10:16:14
    Now the use of automobile LED headlights is more and more extensive. When buying automobile LED bulbs, the majority of car friends always hope that their lamps are brighter, higher power, better heat dissipation, longer life and more stable quality. Therefore, many drivers' friends will pursue the performance of the light bulb when they purchase the lights, but the understanding of the drivers' friends on the lights will produce errors. The following mistakes are common to all our drivers. We have made a summary here.
  • Why xenon headlights are getting darker

    2020-04-08 10:10:03
    lighting upgrading is a process of integration and optimization of the three main components, and one of the links has problems and can not produce good results. That's why many people are looking for light bulbs on the Internet, but the West's search for stability doesn't work. The reason is that the three main components should be compatible and optimized, and the right bulb with the right ballast and the right lens can produce good results. Note that I use "fit" not necessarily "best", which is why the APA suit was born. We don't mix the three parts casually. We want to choose the best combination scheme in essence. Some people will say that you are too stubborn. I think it's not good to change the configuration like this. It's not that we are stubborn. Who doesn't want to do business? The main thing is that we should stick to the quality and control the product effect.
  • How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of automobile bulb ​

    2020-03-26 09:25:48
    Check whether there is manufacturer's name, address, telephone number, executive standard, trademark on the size package of the bulb, whether the package design and printing are exquisite and beautiful, and know whether the brand of the product is matched with the famous automobile factory.
  • How to choose safe and reliable xenon headlights?

    2020-03-26 09:17:40
    Nowadays, the use of xenon headlights is more and more extensive. Xenon headlights have higher brightness and longer exposure range, which can help drivers to judge the road conditions at night more quickly and accurately, and improve the safety of driving. Some halogen headlamp owners will choose to replace the xenon headlamp, but after all, it involves circuit modification. Many owners will be confused about how to choose the brand of xenon headlamp and what to pay attention to when replacing it. After reading the following article, I believe that you will know how to change the xenon headlight.
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