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Instructions for the use of xenon headlights
2020-01-08 09:15:51

1. Do not install the stabilizer next to the heating body. Generally, it can be installed on the safety bar to help heat dissipation.

2. Do not install the ballast near some wires or near the water source, such as the water tank. (excessive humidity will cause leakage and aging of ballast)

3. Place it in a place with good air permeability, so as to let the air flow to reduce the temperature of the ballast. After installation, the relay and fuse on the wire group are generally exposed for easy replacement.

4. The high-voltage wire part of the ballast is not easy to be wound, so as to avoid generating excessive magnetic field and affecting other electrical equipment of the car. Install the ballast wiring downward.

5. The bulb shall be sealed after installation.

6. During installation, the wiring of the special wire group is generally tight and may be beautiful. Do not connect it with the heating body to avoid short circuit and open circuit caused by high temperature. Tie with a tie, do not contact with mechanical moving parts, resulting in unnecessary contact.

7. All interfaces and fuses shall be bound with electrical tape to avoid poor contact due to looseness.

8. When the lamp is installed, one side will not light up or flash. Generally, adjust the negative pole of the special wire group.

9. When installing H4 type lights, if they don't light up when they are on, they won't light up, and they will keep flashing, first check whether the positive and negative poles of H4 wiring are matched. Generally, there are two kinds of + + - and -- +, which will return to normal after matching.

10. Sometimes when a car with positive frame is encountered, the stabilizer will work only when it is covered with Jedi glue.

11. After installation, if there is no special line installed, in order to prevent the fuse of the original vehicle from being blown by excessive current during starting, the control fuse of the original vehicle shall be replaced with more than 20 amperes.

12. Do not switch on and off the lamp frequently, so as to extend the service life of the lamp.

13. Xenon lamp cannot be modified by yourself. The xenon lamp equipped on the vehicle has a filter device, which will not cause light pollution; at the same time, it is necessary to regularly ask professional personnel to check the working status of the two key components of the xenon lamp - automatic cleaning device and automatic dimming system.

14. After replacing a single xenon lamp, it is found that the light colors of the two lamps are different, which is a normal phenomenon. Don't worry.

15. If the current car is originally equipped with halogen lamp, replace and upgrade the headlight lighting.

16. Long time use, crystal glass tube is easy to melt, affecting the service life.