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Instructions for using automotive xenon lamps
2020-01-08 09:34:01

How to choose: first, determine the bulb model of your headlight, buy a xenon lamp of the same model, and then install the xenon lamp bulb into the headlight assembly just like changing the headlight bulb, and then connect the stabilizer wiring, and fix the stabilizer (the temperature is high when working, please stay away from the plastic parts and oil supply system) to finish!

General knowledge: the brightness of xenon lamp is higher than that of general halogen lamp, which will cause short-term vision when it is irradiated on human eyes

In addition, in China, it is not allowed to refit a home car or an operating car without permission, and it is illegal to install a xenon lamp without permission. In order to meet the specifications of automobile lamp tube, and have space to accommodate ballast and wire set, then any vehicle can be installed. When the HID xenon headlamp is refitted on the basis of halogen lamp, the high-pressure bag and ballast should be placed in a relatively ventilated position to facilitate heat dissipation. It is forbidden to put the high-pressure bag and ballast in the place with high heat such as the engine. If the temperature reaches 105 ℃, the high-pressure package will automatically cut off the power supply.

Installation knowledge: pay attention to the installation of grounding wire. If the grounding condition of grounding wire is poor, xenon lamp will come out

At present, it is dark and bright. If the battery is used for a long time, the voltage will be unstable, but less than 10V, which will cause the ballast to cut off the circuit automatically, the xenon lamp will go out, and the unstable voltage will directly affect the use of xenon lamp.

Pay attention to the lamp fuse when replacing hid. If two lamps share one fuse, the fuse must be 25A ~ 30A. If the two lamps use fuses independently, 10a-15a must be used. Pay special attention to the positive and negative poles of the power supply and the grounding electrode during installation. For example, the vehicle is of special specification, positive grounding, etc. Install correctly.