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LED automobile headlight bulb replacement skills
2020-07-15 17:18:32

Due to its fast volatilization speed, halogen headlamp brightness will decrease or even fuse with the increase of service time. Generally, the designed service life is 2-3 years, and the life of xenon lamp is about twice as long as 5-6 years. As for LED, its service life is relatively long, which can fully support automobile scrapping.

The replacement of LED automobile headlamp can be completed independently with a little hands-on skills. However, before replacing the LED headlamp, you must know the model of your vehicle's headlamp. Users can check the bulb removed from your car, and there will be a specific model label at the bottom of the bulb. You can also refer to the vehicle maintenance manual, which is listed in the vulnerable parts list of most model maintenance manuals It is indicated.

1. After determining the model, before changing the headlamp, make sure that the vehicle is turned off, remove the car key and wait for the engine to cool down completely.

2. Open the engine hood and simply replace the big bulb. Generally speaking, there is no need to remove the headlamp assembly for simple replacement of the large bulb. The fixing methods of different automobile lamps are slightly different. Generally speaking, there will be dust covers at the rear of the headlamp. After being unscrewed, you can see the steel wire clip spring of the headlight. You can take out the headlamp by holding it with force.

3. After taking out the bulb, the bulb can be pulled out from the power interface, and the action should be light to avoid damaging the power interface.

4. Take out the new bulb from the product packaging box. Remember not to touch the glass part of the bulb with your fingers, so as to avoid touching the glass with errors on your hand, which will affect its service life. Wear gloves when operating, and install the bulb to the power interface.

5. Fix the bulb on the steel wire clip and screw on the sealing cover.

6. Check whether the light of the installed bulb works normally and whether the position of the light beam is reasonable.