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Life of automobile LED headlamp
2021-01-27 14:13:46

The life of LED is very long. The life of LED is generally 100000 hours. When LED is made into a lamp, it needs a certain amount of power. The greater the power, the higher the heat dissipation requirements. If the heat dissipation is not good, the life of LED will be affected. Then there is the driving power supply and so on are related to the life of "led lamp". From the perspective of service life, I think the halogen lamp has the shortest service life, because the filament of halogen lamp is the most unstable, and there is the possibility of fusing after a certain period of time. Compared with xenon lamp, xenon lamp has a longer service life. First of all, xenon lamp has no filament, and the arc emits light. Therefore, the problems of xenon lamp are usually on the line, However, if the circuit is not changed, the xenon lamp of the original factory will be used for a long time; and the longest life is LED headlamp. The lamp bead life of LED headlamp is based on decades, and the requirement for the circuit is not as high as xenon lamp, so the service life of LED headlamp is the longest.

The life of automobile LED headlamp is very long

1. At present, xenon lamps, which are more and more popular all over the country, have a much longer life span. Most of them can last 2500-3000 hours. Therefore, if they are on 24 hours a day, xenon lamps can be used for 2500 hours / 24 hours = 100 days. The lighting effect is good. Of course, the price is higher;

2. LED lamp is a solid-state semiconductor device that can convert electric energy into visible light. It can directly convert electricity into light. Theoretically, its service life can be as long as 00000 hours, but most of the service life after the lamp is made is 2000 hours, so if you turn it on 24 hours a day, the LED can also be used up to 800 days. Of course, no one will turn on the headlights 24 hours a day;

3. LED lights are brighter, more energy-saving, more beautiful and, of course, more expensive. Another fatal weakness of LED lamp is that it needs continuous and stable DC current, and once it exceeds the rated value, its service life will be greatly reduced. In view of this, every lamp basically has a set of special electronic drive circuit, which is the short board of the whole lamp. More than 99% of the fault problems are caused by it, and the repair cost is not low.

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