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Solutions to the basic problems of automobile headlamp modification
2021-04-02 15:33:46

1. After changing the lamp, will the headlamp fog and water? A: we use professional CNC oven, glue injection machine and professional construction team to carry out precise and rigorous operation to ensure the perfect process. 2. Will the circuit self ignite after changing the lamp? Answer: changing the lamp is based on the premise of not damaging the original line and control method, and not increasing the line load. For example: for some models, we need to modify the body module code to match with the original vehicle; for some models, we need to add large battery line, the original vehicle line does not carry load, only plays the role of control; the integrity of the line, the separation of control and load, to ensure the safety of the circuit. 3. Will the quality assurance of car body be affected after changing the lamp? A: we changed the headlight on the premise that the structure and circuit of the original headlight will not be damaged, and all the functions of the original headlight will be retained. Moreover, the load of the modified headlight is smaller than that of the original car, and the modified style is original, so the quality assurance of the original car body will not be affected. 4. Can the vehicle pass the annual review after changing the headlamp? A: after the modification, the headlamp type is American or European standard. It meets the national requirements, so there is no problem in the annual review. 5. Will the insurance company compensate for the traffic accident after changing the headlight? A: if the headlamp is damaged due to a traffic accident after changing the lamp, the insurance company will compensate the original factory for the new lamp. We can transplant the lens configuration in the old lamp to the new lamp (the probability of lens damage in the headlamp caused by a general traffic accident is very small, unless it is affected by a major traffic accident). 6. About warranty a: the extra long warranty ensures that the after-sales service is carefree. Headlamp technology, lens configuration, imported xenon lamps are guaranteed for two years (longer than the manufacturer's warranty), domestic xenon lamps are guaranteed for one year.

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