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The difference between halogen headlamp and LED headlamp, which is better
2020-11-05 17:08:06

There are many kinds of automobile headlight, among which halogen headlamp and LED headlamp are the most common. What is the difference between them? Now let's learn about it. The difference principle between halogen lamp and LED lamp is different: halogen lamp is the upgraded version of incandescent lamp, and its principle is that the tungsten wire in the bulb is electrified and heated to emit light; the LED lamp, also known as light-emitting diode, uses solid semiconductor chip as light-emitting material, and directly emits light through carrier recombination. Different light colors: halogen lamps are filled with halogen gases such as iodine or bromine. At high temperature, sublimated tungsten wires react with halogen, and the color of the light is yellow, showing a warm light color; LED lamps directly convert electrical energy into light energy through semiconductor chips, and the light emitted is usually blue light; color temperature is different: generally, the color temperature of halogen lamps is between 2000K and 4000K It is often above 5000K (the color temperature also leads to the difference of luminous color);

Different prices: halogen lamps are relatively cheap, mainly used for ordinary models; LED lamps are more expensive, mainly used for medium and high-end models. Halogen lamp or LED lamp which is better? Halogen lamp has the advantages of low cost, easy control and adjustment of brightness, good color rendering performance and milder light. Compared with LED and xenon lamp, it has stronger penetrability and more practical. Therefore, it is safer to drive in heavy fog, rain and snow weather. But the brightness is low, the start is slow, the working temperature is high, and the power consumption is relatively high; the price of LED light is relatively expensive, the replacement cost is high, the maintenance is also troublesome, and the penetration is poor, but the brightness is high, the startup is fast, the working temperature is low, and the energy saving is more energy-saving, and the performance is better, more stable and more high-end.

For halogen lamp and LED lamp which is good, in fact, both have their own good, mainly depends on personal needs. Relatively speaking, LED lights will be better, whether in terms of brightness, or in terms of service life, or in terms of energy conservation, there are great advantages. Many people will choose to change halogen lamp into LED lamp. At present, the best way to change the lamp is to replace the low beam LED lamp with the double light lens, and retain the halogen lamp in the high beam. This not only ensures the lighting effect, but also retains the penetrability of the light, making driving safer.

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