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The halogen lamp is not bright enough
2020-07-22 15:10:22

Now automobile manufacturers will launch different configuration versions for the same model, so as to open the price to meet the different needs of consumers. However, some models only differ in a few unimportant configuration, but the price of the car is higher than 120000, so many friends will choose the suitable model and then refit it by themselves. Of course, the car less refers to legal modification, such as replacing the central control screen and installing reversing image. However, there is one configuration, we do not recommend upgrading and refitting, it is halogen headlamp.

Halogen headlamp is a new generation of incandescent lamp, which is a tungsten lamp filled with halogen group elements such as bromine and iodine or halide. Halogen headlight because of its characteristics of the light color is yellow, showing a warm light color, so fans also jokingly call it "candle lamp". The advantages of halogen headlamp lie in its simple structure, low cost and strong light penetration ability. However, the life of halogen headlamp is short, which will produce light attenuation and low brightness, especially at night or when the weather is not good, the lighting effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, many friends in order to drive safely, choose to refit xenon lamp or LED lamp.

Indeed, for the sake of driving safety, there is nothing wrong with upgrading the headlights, but must it be modified? Few cars think it's unnecessary to upgrade the headlights, which may even outweigh the benefits.

Xenon lamp is different from halogen lamp, it is through high voltage current to activate xenon light source. Xenon lamp has strong color temperature, brightness, long service life and energy saving. However, since each xenon molecule is a luminous point, it is necessary to add a lens to focus the light. In addition, xenon needs a transient voltage of at least 23000 V to emit light, so a special electronic ballast is needed to boost the voltage. Many accessories have increased the cost of upgrading, and the coefficient of difficulty of refitting has soared.

What about upgrading to led? The cost may be higher than xenon lamps. LED lamp is a kind of lamp with LED as light source. It has high light quality, no delay in lighting, low energy consumption and long service life. However, the heat dissipation of LED headlight is poor, so radiator must be equipped to reduce the working temperature of headlamp. Moreover, the cost of LED headlamp is high. A LED reversing lamp costs nearly 30 yuan, while the price of a bulb is only 3 yuan. If you want to upgrade a set of LED headlamp assembly, the price is basically above 3000 yuan.

Whether it is to upgrade xenon lamp or LED light, it will make car owners pay a lot of money. Maybe money is not a problem, but upgrading headlights may leave security risks. No matter what lamp is upgraded, the original headlamp needs to be disassembled. If the craftsmanship of the maintenance technician is not up to standard, it is very likely to damage the sealing of the headlamp and increase the possibility of contact between the circuit bulb and water, thus greatly improving the failure rate. In addition, if the lens quality of the upgraded headlight is not good, there will be astigmatism and glare, which will not pass the vehicle inspection. Of course, you can find cattle, but you have to spend some extra money.

In addition to high cost, security risks and failure to pass the vehicle inspection, upgrading the headlight still can not get insurance claims. According to the relevant regulations, automobile insurance only pays for the original parts. That is to say, if the upgraded lamp is damaged or the vehicle spontaneous combustion is caused by the upgraded headlight, the vehicle damage insurance and spontaneous combustion insurance can refuse to pay. If you want to pay, the owner has to buy an additional equipment damage insurance, which will cost more.