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Types and functions of car lighting
2020-08-13 14:45:13

Car lighting can be divided into two categories according to their uses: lighting and signal lights. The exterior lamp refers to the headlamp, the front fog lamp, the license plate lamp, and the interior lamp refers to the ceiling lamp, instrument lamp, etc. The signal lamp is also divided into external signal lamp and internal signal lamp. The external signal lamp refers to the direction indicator, brake lamp, tail lamp, width indicator lamp and reversing lamp. The internal signal lamp generally refers to the indicator light of instrument panel, mainly including steering, oil pressure, charging, braking, door closing prompt and other instrument indicators.

Car headlight, also known as headlamp, has two functions, one is lighting, the other is decoration. In the past and now, the main function of headlight is lighting. In the future, I believe its main function will still be lighting. However, in recent years, the shape of the headlamp has been constantly transformed, and the combination of the headlamp and the car body has become a whole, which shows its decorative role more and more. In the next few years, you may find that there will also be a major technological revolution in the internal structure of the headlamp. The lamp will be equipped with a "head" and become a "smart" lamp.