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What is a halogen lamp
2021-12-06 17:02:37

Automobile halogen lamp in addition to call halogen lamp has a name is "high uv halogen lamp, the lamp mainly as a green the flux, the wet film and dry film exposure, bulbs, halogen lamp luminous principle like the home is to rely on tungsten filament to glow, but not limited to tungsten wire itself resistance to the high temperature, considering its melting point, Therefore, most of the original bulb is set at 60W, but the 60W bulb can only emit 1000 lumens. If it is modified into a 100W bulb, it is 1200 lumens at most. The halogen lamp needs corresponding ballast and trigger in the use process, and the biggest feature is the high uv intensity of the lamp. This is especially true for black and white dry and thick-coated products.

Advantages of halogen lamps:

The cost is reasonable, the illumination degree is sufficient, and the peak brightness time is short. When used as automobile high beam lamp, it has irreplaceable advantages

Disadvantages of halogen lamps:

Halogen headlamps are powered by filaments. The filament is prone to fusing under high temperature for a long time, and the failure rate is high. Its service life is generally 4000-5000h, and the power consumption of halogen headlamps is generally above 55W, which consumes 40% more energy than ammonia headlamps.

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