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What is the difference between LED headlamp with lens and without lens
2021-03-19 14:53:38

1. Multi bulb reflective

This combination of lights can not see the lens, from the appearance can see multiple LED light-emitting units, a bit of matrix type headlight flavor. In fact, each LED lamp bead of this kind of lamp group has a small lens to change the light angle, and there is a small reflector behind each lamp bead to change the light angle. LED units are divided into two groups, which are responsible for the far and near light respectively. The advantage of this system is that there are many light emitting units, and each light-emitting unit does not need too much power, which reduces the heating capacity of each light-emitting unit and slows down the light failure. At the same time, we can design a more advanced model.

2. Single bulb reflective

The system also does not have a lens, led bead light is reflected by a specially designed reflector. This kind of lamp group has a lamp bead each, and the power of a single lamp bead is high. It is not much different from the halogen lamp of common reflective bowl type, but the LED brightness is higher.

3. Single bead with lens

This kind of lamp group is generally far and near the light integration, only one lamp bead, and is responsible for the far and near light. When driving the high beam, the light shield in the lamp group blocks the light leading to the lens, and the light is directed to the road surface, which is a low beam. When driving the high beam, the light shield is opened, and the light is uniformly reflected through the lens, which is equivalent to the simultaneous opening of the far and near beam. The light system with lens is called "projective system". The light system with reflective bowl is called "reflective system". In effect, the efficiency of reflective system is higher than that of projection. That is to say, the brightness of the bulb is higher than that of the lens when the brightness of the bulb is the same. For example, the above picture is the reflective lamp group. The reflector bowl is very close to the bead, and the light is almost wasted and reflected out. Light loss is very small. Above this is a lens of the light group, known as "projection lamp group.". The bulb is behind the lens. After the lamp bead is illuminated, the light is reflected by the reflector and then cast to the lens, and then refracted by the lens and then directed forward. Because of the increase of light path and large gap between the lamp bead and lens, especially when the low beam is turned on, the light that is thrown above the lens needs to be blocked by a light shield, which is equivalent to the waste of this part of light. So the light loss is more. So the actual brightness of the lamp group with reflector bowl is bigger when the light source brightness is the same. But the paving effect is better when the lens is set up. In addition, the reflective LED headlamp is more dazzling when the low beam is turned on at night than that of the lens lamp group. Driving at night when you meet the driving beam of the front car, you flash the light and suddenly find that the opposite light is brighter. Basically, you meet a reflective LED car. People originally open is the low light, but more dazzling. Generally speaking, the actual road effect still depends on personal feeling. After all, they all conform to the national standards, and it is not good to give special scientific suggestions only by personal subjective feeling without professional instrument test. But it is certain that the cost of lens lamp group is higher. If I have to choose, I will prefer the system with lens. After all, if I feel that the brightness is not enough, I can also change a high-power lamp bead myself, and I can not fear scattering with lens. And the reflection type lamp group changes the high power lamp bead may be scolded.

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