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Why are xenon headlights popular and about to be eliminated?
2020-08-06 14:52:07

This should start from the shortcomings of xenon headlamp, which has a fatal disadvantage, namely astigmatism. Although the effect of "astigmatism" can only be seen by the driver of the opposite vehicle, it is very dangerous. Friends who are blinded by the headlights must have had a profound feeling. When the light of the opposite vehicle makes them unable to see the road ahead, it is easy to cause danger, so the astigmatism of xenon headlamp is a very dangerous problem. Therefore, you will find that models with xenon headlights are generally equipped with lenses. Only when used with lenses can the problem of astigmatism of xenon headlamps be weakened.

In addition, the penetration of xenon headlights is relatively poor, even worse than halogen headlamps. Especially in rainy and snowy weather, due to the lack of penetration, there is a relatively big driving hazard. Therefore, when driving a vehicle with xenon headlamp, it is better to turn on the fog lamp at the first time in rainy and foggy weather, so that other vehicles can see you.

However, the disadvantages mentioned above are not the main reason for the elimination of xenon headlights. The bigger reason is that there is a better choice of light sources. This is the LED headlight which has been developing rapidly in recent years. Although the LED headlamp also has the disadvantage of high maintenance cost, the LED headlamp is brighter, more energy-saving and longer life than the xenon headlamp, so relatively speaking, the xenon headlamp with the same high price is This gradually went to the decline!