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Why clean the headlight?
2020-09-03 15:34:07

The dark and turbid lampshade not only affects the beauty, shortens the visibility of light, but also seriously affects the driving. Dirty light will change the angle and range of light, not only affect the driver's own field of vision, but also affect the view of the opposite vehicle, thus causing tragedy in the meeting. Therefore, cleaning your lights regularly is not only for your own consideration, but also for others.

The material of lampshade is a kind of polycarbonate plastic. Although the hardness table of the material is high, the surface of lampshade is difficult to be smooth and smooth. Similar to frosted lampshade surface will cause diffuse reflection of light, affecting the transmission of light. So lampshade manufacturers are in the lampshade surface adsorption of a layer of protective film to fill the small pits, so as to achieve the lampshade surface smooth. However, due to long-term exposure to sunlight, sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, chemical corrosion, particle friction in daily use and other reasons, the film on the surface will be oxidized and gradually degraded, exposing the internal unsmooth surface. Use warm soapy water to clean the headlight, dry it and touch it with your hand. If you can feel the pitting or sandpaper like feeling on the surface, the surface of your lamp has been oxidized.