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Why LED lights?
2022-02-15 15:04:18

The two hidden dangers that affect the reliability of car lights are the original lights are not bright enough, the car lights are attenuated, the lamps are aging and other reasons, so most owners will change the LED lights. So what are the advantages of LED lights? Today we will introduce it to you.

1. Future trends

LED car light is the future development direction, with the improvement of the technical level of development so far, has been applied to many expensive models, rear replacement market is just needed.

Two, fast start

Leds can directly convert electrical energy into light energy with a start-up time of tens of nanoseconds, which is crucial for high-speed brake lights and can greatly reduce the incidence of accidents.

Three, the light range is large

LED emits light close to the sunlight, which can reduce the visual fatigue of driving at night, and the light range is large, and can see objects within 400 meters, so that high-speed driving at night is reliable.

Four, long service life

LED car lights have a long service life, which can work for more than 30,000 hours without failure, and the service life is more than 20 times that of halogen lamps.

Five, low power consumption

LED car light consumption is low, can effectively reduce engine load, work is more stable. Saving electricity means saving fuel and money.

Six, seismic

LED car lights can withstand strong mechanical impact and vibration, not easy to be broken, can be well adapted to various environmental road conditions. It's important not to be dangerous!

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