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Do you know there are several kinds of car headlights?
2022-04-14 15:14:03

Car headlights, that is, what we often call high beam lights and low beam lights, I like to compare car headlights to eyes, because they can illuminate our way forward, and from the appearance, the left and right headlights are as bright as people's two eyes.

At present, there are three kinds of automobile headlights on the market: halogen headlights, xenon headlights and LED headlights. The three kinds of headlights have their own advantages, so how should we choose as car users? Next, Xiaobian will explain it one by one.

1、 Halogen headlamp

Halogen headlights actually add gaseous halogen to the sealed interior of incandescent lamps. The function of gaseous halogen is mainly to improve the service life. Halogen headlights are the most widely used, with simple structure, low cost and strong penetration in rainy and foggy weather. The disadvantages are also obvious: the luminous efficiency is not high, the illumination brightness is relatively low, and the heat generated is large. Therefore, it is nicknamed "candle lamp".

2、 Xenon headlights

Xenon headlamp is a kind of high-intensity discharge gas lamp, which uses arc discharge to emit light. The advantages are obvious (compared with halogen headlights): high brightness, long service life and low power consumption. The dazzling white light will "blind" your eyes in an instant. If you want to modify xenon headlights, you must remember to install lenses and consider others more. Drive thousands of vehicles and safety first... Of course, there are still disadvantages. The penetration of halogen headlights in rainy and foggy weather is not as good as halogen headlights, and it takes a while to turn on the headlights to achieve maximum brightness.

3、 LED headlights

Speaking of LED, we are not familiar with it. Its advantages are more obvious: high brightness, easy to make various shapes, low energy consumption (only 5% of halogen headlights), long service life (it's good to drive scrapped headlights), and both on and on (without xenon headlights, it takes a certain time to reach the maximum brightness). LED headlights also have disadvantages: difficult heat dissipation and high cost, so there are only some high configuration models. "Lamp factory" Audi is the leader in the use of LED headlights.

In fact, the three kinds of headlights do not have much problems in daily use. There are only strong, strong and particularly strong distinctions, which shows that the white point still depends on everyone's wallet. Rich LED headlights are the best. If you want to be economical and practical, halogen headlights can also meet daily use.