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  • Design Principle of Automobile Headlight

    2019-10-28 17:49:28
    The design principle of automobile headlamp is to determine the refractive index of astigmatic mirror glass, the required diffusion angle and the width of the folding surface of small astigmatic mirror, and then calculate the surface size of the inner surface of the astigmatic mirror.
  • What are the Headlamps?

    2019-10-28 17:46:48
    The headlamp mainly includes semi enclosed, enclosed, detachable and projection type headlamps. The semi enclosed headlamp is fixed on the mirror by the teeth on the edge of the mirror. There is a rubber sealing ring between the two.
  • Is it Better to Choose LED Lamp or Xenon Lamp for Low Beam Lamp Modification?

    2019-10-28 17:43:29
    The demand for automobile lighting is getting higher and higher. Is it better to choose LED lamp or xenon lamp when refitting? Xenon lamp and LED headlamp are the most common lamps for lamp modification, but which one should be selected for low beam lamp modification?
  • Why are LED Headlights not Popular?

    2019-10-28 17:40:35
    ​Many domestic cars are equipped with LED lights, even fog lights also use LED light source. The reason why the headlights are not popular is because of the cost. The configuration of headlights is different for different grades of cars.
  • How to Distinguish the Advantages and Disadvantages of Automobile Light Bulb?

    2019-10-28 17:36:59
    Through appearance, it can distinguish the automobile bulb, the welding spot is smooth and firm, the lamp head is bright and free of scratches; the bubble shell has good transparency and no obvious gas lines and bubbles; the assembly of the visual filament, lamp head and bubble shell should be correct and symmetrical.
  • What are the Car Indicators?

    2019-10-28 17:31:07
    The automobile bulb indicator lights are respectively reverse gear indicator lights. When the reverse gear is engaged, the indicator lights up and the buzzer rings; when the reverse gear is exempted, the indicator lights down; the brake indicator lights and the brake indicator lights are installed in the instrument panel to indicate whether the automobile braking is normal or not; the parking brake indicator lights up when the parking brake lever is placed in the braking direction; when the lever is released, the indicator lights up.
  • How to Use Car Lighting System?

    2019-10-28 17:25:26
    The automobile light system is composed of low beam light, high beam light, driving light, fog light, reversing light and turning light. Low beam lamp, used when driving in urban area at night. In urban areas, there is a large traffic flow.
  • In Haze Weather, How to Use the Lights is Safe?

    2019-10-28 17:21:45
    In case of heavy fog and haze, the car owner shall turn on the fog light clearance light in time to remind the rear car to pay attention to the position and size of the front car and avoid rear end collision. Under the condition of haze, do not use the high beam lamp, because the fog has a reflection effect.
  • Design Structure of Automobile Headlight

    2019-10-28 17:18:40
    Single light and double light on the automobile refer to a reflector or lens, which has the function of single low beam or high beam, or both. A double lens is also a single lens.
  • Can the Xenon Headlamp be Tested?

    2019-10-28 17:06:35
    Now more and more people are refitting xenon headlights, but after refitting into xenon headlights, many car owners will have such concerns, whether it can pass the test? There are two headlamp tests. The first is appearance test.
  • Why can't a Xenon Lamp Solve the Problem of Dim Light?

    2019-10-28 17:03:18
    The reason why the xenon lamp can't solve the problem is that the xenon lamp breaks through the gas in the bulb at a high voltage, while the battery in our car is only 12V. So we need to install something called ballast, which can increase the voltage at the moment of start-up.
  • Technical Requirements for Fog Lamp

    2019-10-28 16:57:01
    Japan, which belongs to Asia, does not stipulate that fog lamps must be installed in vehicles, but decides whether to install them according to the needs of users. South Korea also does not force the installation of fog lights.
  • Characteristics and Application of Halogen Bulb

    2019-10-28 14:50:29
    Halogen lamps are made of tungsten wire. Halogen lamps can also operate at a higher temperature than incandescent lamps. Their brightness and efficiency are also higher. However, at this temperature, ordinary glass may soften, so halogen bulbs need quartz glass with higher melting point.
  • How to Maintain the Normal Use of Fog Lamp

    2019-10-17 15:16:20
    Whether the front fog lamp or the rear fog lamp is not on, it means that the bulb has been burnt out and must be replaced. But if it doesn't break down completely, it's just that the brightness is reduced, the light is red and dim, and it can't be taken lightly, because this may be the precursor of failure, and the reduced lighting capacity is also a major hidden danger for safe driving.
  • Service Life of LED Lamp

    2019-10-17 15:15:19
    LED lamp, also known as light-emitting diode, has high brightness, low power consumption and almost no burning problem. The service life of LED lamp can reach 60000 to 100000 hours.
  • How Long is the Service Life of Halogen Lamp in Automobile?

    2019-10-17 14:51:26
    The service life of halogen lamp in automobile is based on the fact that the bulb is damaged or not on. No matter what the reason is, not on proves that the life of the bulb has reached the limit and cannot be used. Halogen bulb is the most common type of automobile.
  • What should be Paid Attention to When Using Halogen Bulb for Automobile Headlamp?

    2019-10-17 14:50:56
    Precautions when using halogen bulb for automobile headlamp: the halogen bulb is made of quartz material, which has a serious defect, that is, if you touch the bulb with hand or cloth and then light it up, the bulb will lose luster and cannot be restored.
  • Working Principle of Halogen Bulb

    2019-10-17 14:49:01
    Halogen bulb, referred to as halogen bulb or halogen lamp. The halogen gas such as iodine or bromine is injected into the bulb. At high temperature, the sublimated tungsten wire will react with halogen chemically. After cooling, the tungsten will solidify on the tungsten wire again, forming a balanced cycle and avoiding premature fracture of the tungsten wire.