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  • Instructions for using automotive xenon lamps

    2020-01-08 09:34:01
    How to choose: first, determine the bulb model of your headlight, buy a xenon lamp of the same model, and then install the xenon lamp bulb into the headlight assembly just like changing the headlight bulb, and then connect the stabilizer wiring, and fix the stabilizer (the temperature is high when working, please stay away from the plastic parts and oil supply system) to finish!
  • Instructions for the use of xenon headlights

    2020-01-08 09:15:51
    1. Do not install the stabilizer next to the heating body. Generally, it can be installed on the safety bar to help heat dissipation.2. Do not install the ballast near some wires or near the water source, such as the water tank. (excessive humidity will cause leakage and aging of ballast)
  • Classification of automobile lamps

    2020-01-03 16:35:12
    Now the use of LED lights is more and more widely, more and more automobile manufacturers will be equipped with the original lights as LED lights. Do you know what kinds of LED lights are commonly used in cars? We often use LED car lights.
  • How much heat can LED headlamp produce

    2020-01-03 16:21:41
    Generally, the generation of light energy will be accompanied by the generation of heat, and the bulb will generate heat in the process of light-emitting. The LED bulb in the process of light-emitting is the conversion of electrical energy into light energy. In this conversion process, it is impossible to convert all electrical energy into light energy. According to the law of energy conservation, the remaining part of electrical energy will be converted into heat energy.
  • Introduction to the refitting of automobile lights

    2019-12-28 16:34:14
    When it comes to lamp modification and upgrading, you will surely think of xenon lamp. Indeed, xenon lamp modification is no mystery.
  • Three ways to upgrade lights

    2019-12-28 16:21:30
    1. Install xenon lamp directly; 2. Replace the modified headlamp assembly; 3. Install double lens on the original headlamp assembly.
  • Why does the front fog lamp choose yellow?

    2019-12-13 18:12:13
    Red and yellow are the most penetrating colors, but red represents "no passage", so yellow is selected. Yellow is the purest color. The Yellow anti fog lamp of the car can penetrate thick fog and shoot far away. Due to the relationship of backscatter, the driver of the rear car turns on the front light, which increases the background intensity and blurs the image of the front car.
  • Important front and rear fog lights

    2019-12-13 18:05:32
    The front fog lamp is installed at a lower position than the headlamp at the front of the vehicle, which is used to illuminate the road when driving in rainy and foggy weather. Due to the low visibility in fog, the driver's vision is limited. The Yellow anti fog lamp has a strong light penetration, which can improve the visibility of drivers and surrounding traffic participants, so that the vehicles can be found in a distance by the coming vehicles and pedestrians. The general vehicle fog lamp is halogen light source, and some high configuration models will use LED fog lamp.
  • Why do most car owners prefer halogen headlights?

    2019-12-13 17:53:13
    If the engine is the heart of the car, then the headlight is the eye of the car. Since it is the eye, the importance of the headlight is self-evident. It not only affects the external beauty, but also is closely related to the driving safety. Therefore, for the majority of car owners, it is necessary to choose a lamp with the highest cost performance. Generally speaking, headlights are divided into halogen headlights, hernia headlights and LED headlights.
  • I'll teach you three tips: when does the headlight break down?

    2019-12-02 17:43:16
    Automobile headlights, commonly known as "headlights.". The "soul" of headlight is its light bulb. Its performance will affect the effect of night lighting, directly related to driving safety. The service life of ordinary halogen headlamp is about 4 to 6 years. It depends on the night you drive and the time you use the headlights (day or night). HID light bulbs have no filament, so they have a longer life (10 years or more), while LED headlights have no filament or glass bulb, and will last tens of thousands of hours, which is usually the life of the vehicle.
  • Lights are everywhere. There are lights everywhere. There are six kinds of lights in cars. Do you know their functions?

    2019-12-02 17:34:47
    The automobile has been born for more than 100 years, and it is also an era of rapid development of human scientific and technological capabilities. With the advent of the electrical age, the electrical components of the car have also undergone tremendous changes, the most representative of which is the development and evolution of the vehicle headlights. Do you know its functions?
  • Design Principle of Automobile Headlight

    2019-10-28 17:49:28
    The design principle of automobile headlamp is to determine the refractive index of astigmatic mirror glass, the required diffusion angle and the width of the folding surface of small astigmatic mirror, and then calculate the surface size of the inner surface of the astigmatic mirror.
  • What are the Headlamps?

    2019-10-28 17:46:48
    The headlamp mainly includes semi enclosed, enclosed, detachable and projection type headlamps. The semi enclosed headlamp is fixed on the mirror by the teeth on the edge of the mirror. There is a rubber sealing ring between the two.
  • Is it Better to Choose LED Lamp or Xenon Lamp for Low Beam Lamp Modification?

    2019-10-28 17:43:29
    The demand for automobile lighting is getting higher and higher. Is it better to choose LED lamp or xenon lamp when refitting? Xenon lamp and LED headlamp are the most common lamps for lamp modification, but which one should be selected for low beam lamp modification?
  • Why are LED Headlights not Popular?

    2019-10-28 17:40:35
    ​Many domestic cars are equipped with LED lights, even fog lights also use LED light source. The reason why the headlights are not popular is because of the cost. The configuration of headlights is different for different grades of cars.
  • How to Distinguish the Advantages and Disadvantages of Automobile Light Bulb?

    2019-10-28 17:36:59
    Through appearance, it can distinguish the automobile bulb, the welding spot is smooth and firm, the lamp head is bright and free of scratches; the bubble shell has good transparency and no obvious gas lines and bubbles; the assembly of the visual filament, lamp head and bubble shell should be correct and symmetrical.
  • How to Adjust the Headlight Brightness?

    2019-10-28 17:34:03
    It is also easy to cause traffic accidents at night, so the headlight should be inspected regularly and the brightness of the headlight should be adjusted.
  • What are the Car Indicators?

    2019-10-28 17:31:07
    The automobile bulb indicator lights are respectively reverse gear indicator lights. When the reverse gear is engaged, the indicator lights up and the buzzer rings; when the reverse gear is exempted, the indicator lights down; the brake indicator lights and the brake indicator lights are installed in the instrument panel to indicate whether the automobile braking is normal or not; the parking brake indicator lights up when the parking brake lever is placed in the braking direction; when the lever is released, the indicator lights up.
  • The Development History of LED Automobile Lamps

    2019-10-28 17:28:28
    Automobile lamps and lanterns are widely used in daily life. In 1985, LED automobile signal lamp first appeared on the bus. In 1986, the use of LED high mounted brake lamp on Nissan 300ZX automobile marked the official beginning of the era of LED automobile lamps.
  • How to Use Car Lighting System?

    2019-10-28 17:25:26
    The automobile light system is composed of low beam light, high beam light, driving light, fog light, reversing light and turning light. Low beam lamp, used when driving in urban area at night. In urban areas, there is a large traffic flow.
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