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  • How to change the headlight by yourself

    2021-01-13 10:39:47
    Open the hood If you want to replace the car headlight, you need to know the installation position of the car headlight, so we first open the engine hood.
  • How far can LED car headlights go?

    2021-01-06 14:09:20
    Although the advantages of LED headlights are great, but it still can not cover up some of its hard problems, such as light radiation problems and expensive maintenance costs.
  • There are so many kinds of car headlights. Which one is better and which one is more suitable for you?

    2020-12-29 15:44:46
    One of the most frequently used parts on the car is probably the lighting. Many people may have a special understanding of the various configurations on the car, and also know a lot of very basic car maintenance knowledge.
  • Analysis on heat dissipation of LED automobile headlamp

    2020-12-23 10:08:28
    For a long time, the LED market has been plagued by the boom in the LED market. Next, we will discuss how to overcome the problem of heat dissipation in the small space of the headlight, and then achieve the national standard of 50 ℃ ambient temperature, the higher junction temperature can not exceed 80 ℃.
  • Automobile headlamp maintenance knowledge

    2020-12-16 14:05:18
    The headlamp is one of the most important parts of the car, but it is easy to ignore. As one of the most important parts of the car, it can be maintained in a good condition only by adding more maintenance at ordinary times.
  • Analysis on heat dissipation of LED automobile headlamp

    2020-12-09 11:17:29
    For a long time, the LED heat problem has been troubling the whole industry, and in the face of a high growth car headlight market, but do not want to miss. Next, we will discuss how to overcome the problem of heat dissipation in the small space of the headlight, and then achieve the national standard of 50 ℃ ambient
  • How to maintain the headlight?

    2020-12-02 15:20:18
    The automobile headlamp is an important part of the car and an important lighting device for driving at night. However, in daily use, the headlamp also needs to be adjusted regularly. In order to maintain the brightness and life of the headlight, how to maintain it?
  • What are the headlights on a car

    2020-11-23 15:43:03
    Halogen headlamp: when it comes to the history of halogen headlamp applied to automobile, it can be traced back to the 1970s, which is also the most common light source type of automobile headlamp among various automobile manufacturers.
  • Classification and working principle of automobile headlamp regulator

    2020-11-18 10:49:16
    The headlamp regulator refers to the situation that the illumination direction of the headlamp deviates from the standard direction under the influence of the trunk load, long-time vibration, high and low road conditions.
  • Usage and maintenance of automobile headlamp

    2020-11-11 16:30:39
    The structure of automobile headlamp, the headlamp is an important lighting lamp, traffic regulations have requirements on the headlight's luminosity and illumination range, the lighting effect directly affects the traffic safety of you and others. There are two main types of headlamp: enclosed type and bulb replaceable type. Closed type refers to that the bulb,
  • The difference between halogen headlamp and LED headlamp, which is better

    2020-11-05 17:08:06
    There are many kinds of automobile headlight, among which halogen headlamp and LED headlamp are the most common. What is the difference between them?
  • Is led light better than halogen lamp? Do you know their differences, advantages and disadvantages?

    2020-10-23 10:07:41
    Simple structure, low manufacturing cost, low market price, mature technology! Yellow color in rain, snow, fog and other extreme weather penetration effect is strong, so most halogen lamps are used in fog lamps. (the biggest advantage is the strong penetration)
  • How to choose the configuration combination of practical automobile headlamp?

    2020-09-25 17:46:31
    LED lamp is the abbreviation of lighting emitting diode, commonly known as light emitting diode. Compared with xenon lamp and halogen lamp, LED has higher luminous efficiency and energy consumption is only 1 / 20 of halogen lamp. In addition, the cost of LED components has been greatly reduced year by year, and the cost and price are still falling by more than 20% per year.
  • Development of LED lamp

    2020-09-10 16:30:33
    The external application of automobile is also in continuous development. LED has been applied to brake lamp, tail lamp, turn signal lamp, reverse lamp, high brake lamp, etc., among which brake light, tail lamp and high brake light have large application scale. As a vehicle headlamp lighting, due to the need for high-power LED, it is restricted by technology and led cost performance, especially in the fields of optics, electronic control and thermal management. It will take three to five years to popularize, and the industry only starts to apply on some luxury high-end models. In addition to tail lights and high-level brake lights that are widely used at present, LED will also be widely used in turn signal and reverse lights in the future. In 2010, the market scale of domestic LED automobile lamps may exceed 1 billion yuan, and the annual output value of 3 billion yuan may be formed in five years. According to iSuppli's "2010 led special report" released in 2009, it is estimated that by 2013, about 95% of new cars in the world will use led in one or more tail lights
  • Automobile headlamp maintenance knowledge

    2020-09-03 15:40:53
    The headlamp is one of the most important parts of the car, but it is easy to ignore. As one of the most important parts of the car, it can be maintained in a good condition only by adding more maintenance at ordinary times. The following sorted out some knowledge of car headlight maintenance, I hope to help you.
  • Why clean the headlight?

    2020-09-03 15:34:07
    The dark and turbid lampshade not only affects the beauty, shortens the visibility of light, but also seriously affects the driving. Dirty light will change the angle and range of light, not only affect the driver's own field of vision, but also affect the view of the opposite vehicle, thus causing tragedy in the meeting. Therefore, cleaning your lights regularly is not only for your own consideration, but also for others.
  • Application and advantages of high power LED lamp bead in automobile lamp field

    2020-08-26 15:26:48
    Luminous flux (brightness): the brightness of high-power LED car lights is generally between 1000-3000lm, with ultra-high brightness, which makes it safer for car owners to drive in rain, fog and night.
  • How to identify the quality of automobile bulb

    2020-08-26 15:20:28
    Check whether the size of the bulb package has the name of the manufacturer, address, telephone number, implementation standard, trademark number, packaging design, beautiful printing, and whether various brands are matched by well-known automobile factories.
  • Types and functions of car lighting

    2020-08-13 14:45:13
    Car lighting can be divided into two categories according to their uses: lighting and signal lights. The exterior lamp refers to the headlamp, the front fog lamp, the license plate lamp, and the interior lamp refers to the ceiling lamp, instrument lamp, etc. The signal lamp is also divided into external signal lamp and internal signal lamp. The external signal lamp refers to the direction indicator, brake lamp, tail lamp, width indicator lamp and reversing lamp. The internal signal lamp generally refers to the indicator light of instrument panel, mainly including steering, oil pressure, charging, braking, door closing prompt and other instrument indicators.
  • How to choose headlight color temperature

    2020-08-13 14:38:05
    Car is an indispensable means of transportation for us to travel now. There are too many car lovers who care about their cars. As an important part of the car, the car lamp has a great influence on the car. The automobile bulb manufacturer will introduce the knowledge about the selection of the light color temperature. The color temperature is the most general indicator of the spectral quality of the light source. The color temperature is the absolute temperature K When a standard blackbody (such as platinum) is heated, the color changes gradually from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (blue violet) and purple when the temperature rises to a certain degree. Using the characteristics of this light color change, when the light color of the light source is the same as that of the black body, we call the temperature of the blackbody at that time as the color of the light source is the color temperature of the light source.
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