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Car halogen headlamp is known as "candle lamp", but it is still used by many people. Why?
2021-04-29 10:46:03

Cars are the means of transportation for people to travel, and many people have bought their own cars. There are many configurations on the car, and the car headlight is a necessary tool for driving at night. If the car headlight is damaged, the car will be blind at night. There are many kinds of automobile headlight, from halogen headlight, xenon headlight, LED headlight to high-tech laser headlight. The structure of headlight is changing all the time, which makes people have many choices when buying a car. Among the car headlights, halogen headlight appeared the earliest, and because of its simple structure and low cost, it is very popular with manufacturers. In many basic versions of cars, halogen headlight is used. However, halogen headlamp also has a defect, that is, its light is not bright enough, many car owners even call it "candle lamp". But even so, why do many people still use dim and poor halogen lamps, but do not replace them with other headlights? The first is because of the price of the headlights. The price of car headlights is not cheap, from the original halogen headlights into today's more popular LED headlights, at least several thousand yuan. And this is still in the case of automobile headlamp assembly with LED interface, if there is no LED headlamp interface, then it is necessary to transform the automobile circuit. So the cost of money and energy, is not a little bit. Moreover, if the car's headlights are damaged in an accident, because the car insurance records halogen headlights, the insurance company may refuse to compensate for the damage after the transformation. Secondly, the maintenance after the car headlight. If you change the circuit to replace the headlight, after all, the car headlight can not be compared with the original headlight, it may cause some faults due to structural problems, which is not worth the loss. In addition to these, the annual car inspection is also unavoidable. Although the car headlights can make us see the road clearly after modification, it will bring a lot of trouble in the annual inspection. To sum up, although car halogen headlights have many disadvantages, many car owners are not willing to change their headlights compared with the troubles they may bring later. Moreover, in the special weather environment, halogen headlights have stronger penetration and are much safer than other headlights.

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