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How many kinds of headlight are there
2021-05-14 15:15:53

There are four kinds of automobile headlights, namely halogen headlight, xenon lamp, LED headlight and laser headlamp.

1. Halogen headlight is the most common type of headlight light source in various kinds of vehicles by major automobile manufacturers. Because the halogen lamp price is relatively cheap,

It's very suitable for some of the cheaper, more economical models.

2. Xenon headlights are generally used in high and medium-end vehicles. Due to the high brightness of xenon lamps, they will be equipped with transparent light

The mirror, the light emitted are very focused, so it is loved by everyone, the color is different from the ordinary halogen lamp, the light is white.

3. LED headlights are also increasingly coming into people's sight, but hearing L.Ed may think more about beautiful daytime running lights, in fact, this is the case

With many advantages of light source, has become more and more automobile headlamp lighting options.

4. The light emitting element of the laser headlight is a laser pole tube. It is known by name that it has a long-term connection with L.Ed led. They have a very good relationship

Many similar advantages, such as fast response, energy saving, small volume, long life, low attenuation, are more energy consumption and volume than LEDBig advantage.

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