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Difference between LED headlights and xenon headlights
2022-03-15 17:07:49

1. Shape

One of the most remarkable characteristics of LED lamps as automobile lamps is that they are actually composed of a large number of lamp particles with small volume and high brightness. They are generally combined into a certain shape, such as a lamp line or a large overall area.

Xenon headlights, as automobile lamps, are generally relatively independent individuals. Of course, some models use Bi xenon headlights.

2. Limitations

Because of its physical reasons, if xenon headlights are used when driving at night, the light penetration is not very strong, which is prone to danger, and it takes three seconds to reach full brightness. Therefore, according to China's regulations, xenon headlights are forbidden to be used in automobile headlights, but they can be used in automobile low beam lamps.

The limitation of LED headlamp is that the luminous power is limited. Although the complete brightness time of LED headlamp is relatively short, it is widely used in braking. The limitation of luminous power makes the penetration of light source not very strong. Therefore, according to the current LED lamp source, it is not suitable for automobile headlamp.

3. Brightness and illumination distance

If these two kinds of lamps have to compare the brightness, it must be that led lamps have advantages in luminous efficiency. However, the brightness of LED lamp is enough, but the lighting distance is limited than that of xenon headlamp. Generally speaking, it is less than 10 meters. Xenon headlights are also bright, but they are slightly inferior to LED headlights. However, its main function is originally used for lighting. Although the specific lighting distance is not counted, it is much farther than the traditional LED headlamp.

4. Energy saving

When using the same power LED lamp and xenon headlamp, the luminous efficiency of LED is higher, although its ability to withstand high temperature is slightly weak, and the focusing effect is slightly worse than that of xenon headlamp. The advantage of LED itself in saving energy is beyond doubt. Energy saving and environmental protection are the characteristics of LED lamps.

Which is better, LED headlamp or xenon headlamp

This question is concerned by many car owners, but in fact, it has no unique answer. Considering the price and scope of application, xenon headlights can meet most of the needs. But from the perspective of scientific and technological progress, it must be that led lamps are better than xenon lamps.