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What's so great about LED headlights?
2022-02-28 17:32:44

Since talk about LED, must first say now why it is so hot, we all know, at present the car mainstream headlights no more than two categories: halogen headlights and HID xenon headlights (high intensity gas discharge lamp), the rise of LED headlights compared to these two mainstream headlights what advantage?

For automobiles, LED light sources (not limited to headlights) have the following benefits:

1. Energy saving and low cost: LED has high luminous efficiency, which is nearly twice that of fluorescent lamp. If we use our everyday CFLS as an analogy, CFLS are four-fifths more energy-efficient than incandescents, while leds are one-quarter more energy-efficient. In cars, the same daytime running lights use only 1/20 of the energy of halogen leds. The cost of LED components has also decreased significantly each year, and costs and prices are still falling by more than 20% per year.

2, long life: currently used in the car LED components can reach the level of 50000 hours, and well-known automotive lighting suppliers have been able to provide life of 100000 hours of LED components, conversion, equivalent to 11 years...... In consideration of the light frequency, basically in the design life of the vehicle, LED components do not need to be replaced. By comparison, xenon lamps have a lifetime of about 3,000 hours...

3, good durability: LED components simple structure, impact resistance, shock resistance is very good, not easy to break, can well adapt to a variety of environments.

4. LED components are small in size, compact and convenient for layout and modeling design: this is a huge advantage of LED, which fully meets the evolutionary needs of automobile manufacturers in design, breaks the shackles of the previous lighting system on modeling innovation, and enables us to have more creative automobile products.

5, fast response speed: LED lighting only microsecond level, used in the taillight and turn signal can be quickly lit to achieve a better warning effect, used in the headlights, compared with xenon and halogen headlights, has a higher response speed, for driving safety has a better guarantee.

6, low brightness attenuation: LED high brightness, light brightness attenuation is much lower than halogen lamp, suitable for lighting and brake lamp, turn signal and other warning lights.

7, low voltage DC can drive, small load, weak interference, low requirements for the use of environment, good adaptability. Unlike xenon lamps, booster devices are not required.