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How to change the headlight by yourself
2021-01-13 10:39:47

1. Open the hood

If you want to replace the car headlight, you need to know the installation position of the car headlight, so we first open the engine hood.

2. Find the headlight dust cover

Rotate and remove the dust cover according to the opening mode of the dust cover (generally, the dust cover of the low beam lamp is on the outside, which is also large)

3. Take out the bulb

Grasp the handle, rotate clockwise, take out the bulb (different models, different operation directions, please know before operation)

4. Separate the bulb from the socket

Remove the bulb. (professionals or not should try their best to wear gloves when touching electrical equipment, especially the light bulb, which is fragile. They should not touch the glass directly with their hands. If oil stains are stuck on the glass, the service life will be affected and even explosion may occur!)

5. Install bulb / test

Insert the two feet of the bulb into the socket, and power on to test for damage.

6. Put the bulb back into the lamp cover and close the dust cover

Put the bulb back into the lamp cover, clamp and tighten the dust cover.

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