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How far can LED car headlights go?
2021-01-06 14:09:20

Although the advantages of LED headlights are great, but it still can not cover up some of its hard problems, such as light radiation problems and expensive maintenance costs. Light radiation is an urgent problem for LED products. In the actual application of LED headlamp, we should also consider the potential photobiological radiation hazards of LED, such as blue light, which will have a certain impact on human cornea. According to different applications, LED will also bring health effects due to flicker and some long-term photobiological effects. This may not be a big problem for the reading lamp in the car, but the user's experience will be more and more demanding, not only to meet the requirements of experience, but also to be safe and radiation-free. The expensive maintenance cost is the reason why many car owners flinch from LED headlights. Although it is said that the service life of LED is very long, if there is no accident at that time, if the LED headlight breaks down, the maintenance cost is not thousands. For example, if the bulb of the LED turn signal lamp is burnt out, it's not a simple matter to replace the bulb during maintenance. The whole assembly needs to be replaced before it can be repaired. As a result, many car owners feel that LED headlights are too difficult to serve, so they are willing to choose xenon or halogen lamps.

LED has many advantages in automotive applications, such as * * energy saving and long service life. For example, the energy consumption of LED day light is only 1 / 20 of that of halogen light, and its service life is very long. If it is a good quality product, its service life can even reach 100000 hours. It can be said that if there is no accident, how long your car's service life is, how long the LED day light can be used. Because of its outstanding advantages in practical use, this is a great opportunity for LED lamps so far. In addition, there are other opportunities. For example, in terms of shape, led makes the shape and lines of the headlights richer, and makes them more recognizable at night. For example, angel eye and devil eye, which are popular among car light refitting enthusiasts, can adapt to different environments because of their simple components, good shock resistance and shock resistance; Fast response speed, LED lighting only needs microseconds level, used in taillights and turn signals can quickly light up to achieve a better warning effect, used in the headlight, compared with xenon and halogen headlights, has a higher response speed, for driving safety has a better guarantee.

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