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How to choose a variety of car headlights?
2021-07-12 09:58:10

LED headlights are also gradually becoming the mainstream in high-end models. Car headlight development to now, has become a way to show personality and grade, and now many consumers in the purchase of cars, also began to pay more attention to the configuration of the headlight. From the most basic halogen, advanced xenon headlights to the new force LED, full of the sense of the future laser headlights, what are their advantages and disadvantages? How should different headlamp form choose after all?

Halogen headlamps have a long history; Speaking of the history of halogen headlights applied to cars, it should be traced back to the 1970s, which is the most common type of headlight source in all kinds of cars of major automobile manufacturers. The price of halogen lamp is relatively cheap, for some low price economic models, suitable for reducing the cost of building a car. In fact, halogen lamps are the upgraded version of incandescent lamps we use in our daily life. By adding halogen elements, the brightness of incandescent lamps can be increased by 1.5 times, and the service life of incandescent lamps is also 2-3 times that of ordinary incandescent lamps. In order to improve the luminous efficiency of incandescent lamps, the temperature of the tungsten filament must be raised first, but this will cause the tungsten to sublimate and condense on the glass shell, making it black. In the incandescent lamp filled with halogen elements or halides, using the principle of halogen tungsten cycle can eliminate the incandescent lamp glass shell blackening phenomenon, this is the origin of halogen lamp. When we look at cars on the road at night, nine out of ten of the cars with yellowed headlights are those equipped with halogen headlights. From the effect, halogen headlamps due to low color temperature, so the light color is warm and yellow. In dark conditions, the yellow halogen lamps are less noticeable than xenon lamps, but they are fine for nighttime use. In addition, halogen headlamps with lower color temperature have an obvious advantage: in rain, snow, haze and other low-visibility weather, halogen light source penetration is far better than xenon light source with higher color temperature.

Xenon headlights are brighter; Xenon headlight is a common form of headlight in high-end models. Xenon headlights because of higher brightness, generally equipped with a lens after the visual effect is better, so many consumers sought after. Xenon lamp is actually a new type of headlamp containing xenon gas, also known as high intensity discharge type gas lamp. Xenon lamp broke the tungsten wire luminous principle, Edison in the quartz tube filling high-pressure inert gas - Xenon hid Xenon, to replace the traditional filament, mercury in two electrode and carbon compounds, with 23000 v high voltage current stimulation through ballast Xenon light, is the perfect white arc is formed between the poles, the light close to the sun. The advantages of xenon headlights are increased brightness, longer life and strong power saving. With these advantages, some high-end cars generally adopt the structure of xenon headlights. As halogen headlights mature technology, simple structure, so some need to control the cost of home vehicles are more willing to use halogen headlights.

LED headlights become mainstream; In addition to the two types of headlights we introduce above, LED headlights are also increasingly into people's sight. LED is the English abbreviation of light-emitting diode, is a kind of semiconductor electronic components that can emit light. Initially LED headlights are generally used as rear lights, and LED headlights have gradually become the mainstream in high-end models. LED headlights are energy saving and environmental protection, low cost, long life and good durability. LED component structure is simple, can better adapt to more environments, LED electronic components only need DC low voltage 12V can be lit; LED corresponding time is very short, do not have to worry about delay like xenon lamp; LEDs are small in size and help to make car lights look more beautiful. The first model to feature LED headlights was the 2007 Lexus LS600h, but at the time the headlights had only three LED units, not an all-LED structure.

Laser headlights "tall" laser headlights as a "high-end atmosphere" of the new light source, let a person feel the full sense of science and technology. While laser headlights haven't been installed in any production cars yet, BMW and Audi have announced that they will be installed in production cars in 2014, ushering in a new era of lighting. The light emitting element of laser headlamp is laser diode, look at the name and LED light emitting diode has inextricably linked, they have a lot of similar advantages, such as fast response, energy saving, small size, long life, low brightness attenuation. In terms of energy consumption and size, it has greater advantages than LEDs.

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