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What about led headlights or xenon headlights
2021-10-08 11:10:06

      For the car, the lamp is just like its eyes, especially in the night when driving the lamp is indispensable parts of the car. Led headlights are a common lamp in the market, and xenon headlights is a more popular headlights, we often hear its name in the car modification, what led headlights and xenon headlights which good? The following xiaobian will introduce the related knowledge of LED headlights and xenon headlights.

      What are LED headlights

      Led is a kind of energy-saving light source. Headlamp is the light in front of the car. To sum up, the light source used by the lamp in front of the car is LED energy-saving light source, which is applied to the device of the lamp in front of the car. Now most of the headlights used by cars are led light sources.

Advantages of LED headlights

      1, energy saving, low cost

      Leds are nearly twice as efficient as fluorescent bulbs. The same daytime running light, LED components only 1/20 of the energy consumption of halogen lamp. The cost of LED components has also decreased significantly each year, and costs and prices are still falling by more than 20% per year.

      2. Long life

      At present, the led components used in cars can reach the level of 50,000 hours, and well-known car lighting suppliers have been able to provide led components with a life of 100,000 hours, equivalent to 11 years. In consideration of the frequency of light use, basically throughout the design life of the vehicle, the LED components do not need to be replaced.

      3. Good durability

      Led components simple structure, impact resistance, shock resistance is very good, not easy to break, can be well adapted to a variety of environments.

      4. Small size, compact and convenient for layout and modeling design

      This is a huge advantage of LED, which fully meets the evolutionary needs of automobile manufacturers in design, breaks the shackles of the past lighting system on modeling innovation, and enables us to have more creative automobile products.

      5, fast response speed

      Led lighting only needs microsecond level, which can be quickly lit on taillights and turn signals to achieve a better warning effect. Compared with xenon and halogen headlights, IT has a higher response speed and better guarantee for driving safety when used on headlights.

      6. Low brightness attenuation

      Led high brightness, light brightness attenuation is much lower than halogen lamp, suitable for lighting, brake lamp, turn signal and other warning lights.

      7, good adaptability

      Low voltage direct current can drive, small load, weak interference, low requirements for the use of environment, good adaptability.

      Disadvantages of LED headlights

      1, heat dissipation problem, if the heat dissipation is poor will greatly shorten the life.

      2, low-end LED lamp power saving is still lower than energy-saving lamp (cold cathode tube, CCFL).

      3, the initial purchase cost is high.

      4. Due to the strong directivity of LED light source, special optical characteristics of LED should be considered in lamp design.

      Future prospects of LED headlights

      At present, LED has been widely used as automobile auxiliary lights. Leds have replaced other forms of light in many places, such as turn signals and fog lights. However, due to the cost and heat dissipation of high-brightness leds, the development of LED as the main light source is still not mature. If we can break through this bottleneck, the future automotive lighting field will be led world.

      What is a xenon headlamp

      The accurate explanation for xenon headlamps is a kind of automotive lighting system. Xenon headlamp belongs to a kind of heavy metal lamps. Through the anti-ultraviolet glass shell, a variety of chemical gases are filled in it, and then the voltage triggered by the supercharger is increased to achieve the protection of automobile power supply, and the luminescence of the lamps is stable, and the efficiency of use is improved. This is the so-called xenon headlamp.

      The advantages of xenon headlamps

      1, good lighting

      Has more than twice the lighting efficiency of halogen bulbs.

      2, strong safety effect

      The increased brightness of the car's headlights also effectively increases the visual range in front of the car, creating safer driving conditions. Can provide a wider and brighter lighting effect for the road, so that the driver notice the vehicle has moved to the side of the road and see obstacles ahead.

      3, will not be extinguished instantly

      Xenon lights do not go off instantly if they fail, but dim gradually (or turn on quickly), allowing drivers to buy time during dark driving and pull over in an emergency.

      4. No glare

      Xenon headlights do not produce unwanted glare (with lenses) and do not interfere with oncoming drivers.

      Disadvantages of xenon headlights

      1. Poor light concentration

      Low penetration rate in rainy, snowy and foggy days.

      2. The fault light is on

      The bulb of the original car has A high power loss (55W), while the power of the xenon lamp is small (35W), so its power is not enough after modification and it alarms. As the xenon lamp, its starting current is 8A, while the original car is 6.2a, so the circuit setting of the original car does not match. Need to go to 4S shop to change the circuit mode.

      3. Automatic flameout

      This causes electromagnetic interference due to excessive starting current. This can be installed with the ballast away from the engine or replaced with a low current start ballast.

      Led headlights are different from xenon headlights

      1, shape,

      One of the most significant characteristics of LED lights as car lights is that they are actually composed of a large number of small and bright light particles, which are generally combined into a certain shape, such as a lamp line or a large overall area.

      Xenon headlights as car lights in which are generally relatively independent individuals, of course, there are also some models using bi-xenon headlights.

      2. Limitations

      Xenon headlamps because of its physical reasons, driving at night using xenon headlamps, the light is not very strong penetrating power, prone to danger, and reach full brightness time need three seconds, so according to the regulation of our country, car xenon headlamps headlamps is banned, but can be applied to automobile dipped headlights.

      The limitation of LED headlights lies in the limited luminous power. Although the full brightness time of LED headlights is relatively short, it is widely applied to the brakes. The limited luminous power makes the light source penetration not very strong, so according to the current LED light source, it is not suitable for the application of automobile headlights.

      3. Brightness and lighting distance

      If the two have to compare brightness, certainly led lights in luminous efficiency has the advantage. However, led light intensity is enough, but the lighting distance is limited than xenon headlights, generally less than 10 meters. And xenon headlights are also bright, only slightly less than led headlights. But its main role is used for lighting, the specific lighting distance is not statistics, but it is much farther than the traditional LED headlights.

      4, energy saving

      Under the same power led lamp and xenon headlamp, LED luminous efficiency is higher, although its ability to withstand high temperature is less, and the concentrating effect is slightly worse than xenon headlamp. There is no doubt that LEDS themselves are more energy efficient. Energy saving and environmental protection are the characteristics of LED lights.

      Which is better, LED headlights or xenon headlights

      This question is the concern of many car owners, but in fact it does not have the only answer. Xenon headlamps can meet most of the needs from the price factor and the scope of application. But from the point of view of technological progress, it is certainly LED lamps better than xenon lamps.

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