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Introduction to the refitting of automobile lights
2019-12-28 16:34:14

When it comes to lamp modification and upgrading, you will surely think of xenon lamp. Indeed, xenon lamp modification is no mystery.

Laws and regulations on vehicle headlights: China's laws and regulations "national standard of the people's Republic of China on the light distribution performance of vehicle headlights" have the following provisions for vehicle headlights. The light emission of low beam headlights with a rated voltage of 12 V for motor vehicles shall be more than 1000-1200lm (LM is the light flux unit: lumen), and the light emission of high beam headlights shall be more than 1450-1900lm. There is only a lower limit requirement in the laws and regulations , no upper limit requirement. Secondly, we can see the fierce competition in the car market. It is obvious to all that in the whole car market, the competition between 80000 and 180000 cars is more fierce. A part of the low beam lights between 200000 and 250000 cars leave the factory as xenon lights. Compared with the ordinary halogen lights, the color temperature of 4300k, yellow in white, and the luminous flux of 3200lm are two times higher than that of the ordinary halogen lights The feeling of the eyes can already reach a comfortable level. Some 250000-300000 cars have been equipped with double light lens, which is often called Bi xenon lamp. The effect is very good. It is close to the high-quality configuration of automobile headlight lighting, such as triumphal top, Xinma 6 wing. Some Audi A6L, BMW and Mercedes Benz models have reached the high-quality configuration of headlight lighting.

In other words, the lights of 80000-180000 cars are not enough when they leave the factory, so there are many people who change the lights in this price range. You need to know how to change the lights, which is suitable for you. Accidents caused by rear end collision and poor lighting conditions are common traffic accidents. According to the statistics of relevant departments: nearly 80% of traffic accidents are caused by poor rear end and lighting conditions, while the property loss and casualties caused by rear end and lighting conditions are even more shocking, and 60% of traffic accidents are caused by poor lighting conditions.

Almost 60% of the time when people have an accident is at night and in bad weather. This is because the driving vision is usually poor at these times. The driver must spend more eyesight and physical strength to focus on the road, which indirectly causes fatigue and distraction. The proportion of accidents will rise with the tide! So be sure to pay attention to your car's eyes. As an important part of automobile function and the finishing touch of body shape, the basic function of lamp safety is often ignored by some car owners. In fact, whether the lights are used correctly or not directly affects the driving safety of the car owners, and the headlights are closely related to the safety. Therefore, in Europe, America and Japan, the popularity of xenon headlights has been very high.

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