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Three ways to upgrade lights
2019-12-28 16:21:30

1. Install xenon lamp directly

Advantages: easy to install, xenon lamp model is selected for original halogen bulb, (most of the low beam of battery cars is H7, the high beam is H1, the low beam of Japanese cars is 9006, the high beam is 9005, and the bowl of the high and low beam is H4 model): the price is cheap, generally about several hundred yuan, there are many domestic miscellaneous brands, and at present, the more powerful combination is the schelet bulb + AquaStar stabilizer.

Disadvantages: since the production of xenon lamp can not consider the design of reflective bowl of each car, the focus is bound to be inaccurate, so as to cause light divergence, even the low beam will affect the opposite driving, which is an unethical modification.

The color of xenon lamp is determined by the color temperature. 3000K is golden light, commonly known as golden eye. It has strong penetration, but it is easy to see fatigue when driving for a long time; 4300k is the original color temperature, with good comprehensive performance; 6000K is all white light, similar to the color of fluorescent lamp, and the human eye is comfortable; 8000K is blue, and then there is pink and purple, which is better not to use. There is no real thing It's all about being cool.

2. Replace the modified headlamp assembly

Advantages: it is also easy to install, and can directly replace the original headlight. It has a beautiful appearance. Some of them have angel eyes and lenses

Disadvantages: although some domestic and so-called Taiwan made headlamp assemblies have a good shape, the added lens is garbage. There are bubbles in the lens, low efficiency of reflective bowl, and inaccurate focus, which results in narrow irradiation range, low brightness, and serious light spot. The night car has serious security risks. Most of the added angel eyes are made of single LED light guide plastic, and the effect of brightness difference is unknown display

3. The original headlamp assembly is equipped with double light lens

This paper mainly introduces this kind of refitting, which is simply to open the cover of the original headlight assembly, and then add the lens to the sealed truck. But the requirements of this kind of refitting are very professional. Some car owners buy their own DIY materials, but after the car is installed, the light type is very poor, some even deviate too much, because there is no professional positioning tools and methods. There are several difficulties in refitting the double light lens. The first is to open the lampshade. The sealing of the headlamp is nothing more than hot-melt glue and cold glue. The former is relatively simple and can be opened easily as long as it is heated to a certain temperature, but the cold glue headlamp is more difficult. If it is not opened well, the headlamp will be pried away, and the whole lamp will be scrapped. The cold glue lamp is represented by the lamp of Valeo It is also a headache for those who want to change their majors' lights. They need professional tools to cooperate. They are advised not to try DIY easily. Second, the installation of lens positioning, which requires constant adjustment to copy the original data, is also a key step. Third, to fix the lens, we need to adopt scientific methods and appropriate materials. Otherwise, the lens is installed in the headlamp assembly, but it will inevitably produce a void after a long time. Fourth, the sealing and routing of headlights, which is no longer described by pincers. In a word, every detail should be dealt with in place.

Advantages: add imported double light lens to achieve the irradiation effect of Audi BMW Benz, but the price is a fraction of these headlamp assemblies; users can make modification plans according to their own requirements, and decide whether to add angel eye and devil eye, whether to spray black at the bottom of the lamp, and whether to retain the original highlight style; after adding the lens, xenon lamp will not diverge with obvious cutting line , the illumination range is large, and the brightness is even. The electromagnetic valve is used to realize the change of the light shield, so that a bulb can realize the change of the high and low beams, so that a group of high beams, i.e. four high beams (vehicles with independent lamp bowl), can be added to increase the driving safety at night.