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Is led light better than halogen lamp? Do you know their differences, advantages and disadvantages?
2020-10-23 10:07:41

Simple structure, low manufacturing cost, low market price, mature technology! Yellow color in rain, snow, fog and other extreme weather penetration effect is strong, so most halogen lamps are used in fog lamps. (the biggest advantage is the strong penetration)

Disadvantages: the irradiation distance is limited, the heat in the process of use is large, and the plug is easy to overheat, with low efficiency and large power consumption! Halogen lamp is luminous through tungsten filament, so the filament is easy to sublimate and fall off, and its service life is short. Especially when I can light with others, I always feel that my car lights are like fireflies!

2. Xenon headlamp

I remember that I saw it from a better car when I first contacted the xenon headlamp. When I looked at it from a distance, I knew that the car was very expensive because of its xenon headlight!

Its advantages: its light intensity is really not comparable to halogen lamp, xenon lamp brightness can reach the same wattage halogen bulb more than three times.

In addition to its high luminous intensity, it has a long service life!

A few years ago, there was an upsurge of refitting xenon lamp!

Of course, its disadvantages are also obvious: the biggest disadvantage is that the penetration effect in extreme weather such as rain, snow, fog is average, which is bright in the eyes of others, but not so good in the driver's field of vision!

There is also a xenon headlight just began to have a pressurization process, before supercharging the brightness is very low!

Let's popularize it here: why is the original car's xenon headlamp very bright, its focus is good, and the effect of refitting is poor?

Because xenon headlamp needs to be used with lens, otherwise it is easy to make the light diverge, affect the driving safety, and the effect is general!

Therefore, we suggest that since we refit the xenon headlamp, we'd better change the lens together!

3. LED headlamp

This is the technology that has been widely used in new cars in recent years!

It is similar to xenon headlamp, the light is also white, it has an advantage, that is, there is no need for a pressurization process, the light is very bright instantly!

Its advantages: energy saving and environmental protection, low cost, long life, low power, high brightness, low voltage safety.

Led also has the characteristics of small luminous area and large luminous flux. The plug is not washed and easy to heat. At the same time, the LED light-emitting module is smaller, leaving more design space for the front and rear of the car.

Disadvantages: high cost, high requirement for heat dissipation, difficult to maintain. Some will also have a cooling fan, poor heat dissipation is easy to damage!

4. Laser headlamp

The biggest advantage of the laser headlight is that the distance is far, and the brightness is big!

Theoretically, the farthest irradiation distance of laser headlamp can reach 600 meters, which is twice of LED lamp, four times of xenon lamp and six times of halogen lamp.

Disadvantages: the cost is very high, and now it is only used in BMW, Mercedes Benz and other high-end cars!

And the laser headlight on BMW is still passively turned on, when there is almost no light around it!