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There are so many kinds of car headlights. Which one is better and which one is more suitable for you?
2020-12-29 15:44:46

One of the most frequently used parts on the car is probably the lighting. Many people may have a special understanding of the various configurations on the car, and also know a lot of very basic car maintenance knowledge. Moreover, they do a very good job in the daily maintenance of the car. Many locations can be seen, but there is a place where the configuration is often ignored A lot of people are still in the situation. As long as the lights are on, it means that there is no problem with the lights. This view is not completely correct. Because there are many kinds of lights, but most of the time people's understanding of them is still very shallow, so they don't know how many kinds of lights there are, let alone the different roles of different kinds of lights. So in order to let more people know what the lights on their cars look like, Xiaobian specially searched a lot of materials, and finally understood the characteristics of these lights. First of all, let's talk about halogen headlamp, which is also the type of lighting still used by many cars. Many car owners who use it may have such a problem, that is, the illumination distance of this light is relatively low, and the intensity of illumination is not strong enough. Many other types of lights are much brighter than his, but even so, this light still can't be eliminated That's because this light can light up very quickly, and it doesn't have to wait for a long time. It is especially useful in special circumstances. In addition, the cost of this light will not be too high. Therefore, there is still a production site for the current vehicles. Next, let's talk about xenon headlights. The range of this kind of light is much stronger than that of halogen, and there is no yellowing feeling when it is illuminated, so that the driver's vision is particularly clear, and he will no longer be unable to see the illuminant on the front of the vehicle because of inefficient lighting. However, although this kind of light can shine far away, the cost is very high It is the rapid rise of temperature, reaching the extreme point even more than 300 degrees, and after turning on the light, it needs to wait a few seconds to make it play the best effect. The most important thing is that the strong light brings it a wide field of vision, but also makes the eyes of the people who are irradiated easily stimulated, so this light can only be used as a low beam light. Next, let's talk about LED headlight, which is one of the most excellent lights nowadays. This type of light was developed recently, so the research and development time is relatively late. Therefore, many shortcomings of other lights are still improved here. As a result, this kind of light is not only very strong in intensity, but also not too strong in use Unfortunately, due to the cost problem, this kind of lighting can not be fully popularized, or many cars have not installed this type of lighting. Last but not least, compared with LED lights, laser headlights can be said to be an enhanced version of it. It not only has a wide range of illumination, but also has a long distance of illumination. The color is very clear and will not turn yellow. Most importantly, it has a very small stimulation to people's eyes. Even if you look directly at it, it will not have too much dazzling feeling. Therefore, many cars will be able to see it Use this kind of light to replace the LED headlight, but this kind of car is generally a very powerful luxury car, because the production price of this thing is still relatively high, it can not be said that it is completely used by people. To tell you the truth, in addition to the cheaper elements, the existing lights also have very unique functions. For example, when it's raining, the halogen headlights can shine farther, When the weather is dark, xenon headlights can shine farther. In a word, every light has various characteristics, so it's best to use them together to give full play to the characteristics of lighting.

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