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What are the headlights on a car
2020-11-23 15:43:03

Halogen headlamp: when it comes to the history of halogen headlamp applied to automobile, it can be traced back to the 1970s, which is also the most common light source type of automobile headlamp among various automobile manufacturers. Due to the low price of halogen lamp, it is very suitable for reducing the cost of car making for some low-cost economic models. When we observe the traffic on the road at night, nine out of ten of the Yellow headlights are models equipped with halogen headlamps. From the perspective of effect, the color temperature of halogen headlamp is low, so the light color is warm and yellow. In the case of dark light, yellow halogen lamp is not as conspicuous as xenon lamp, but there is no problem to meet the normal use at night. The biggest advantage of halogen lamp lies in its strong penetrability. In the case of fog, heavy rain and low visibility, the penetration ability of halogen lamp light source is far higher than that of other products with high color temperature.

Xenon headlamp: at present, the gas piggyback lamp is the lamp form commonly used in medium and high-end cars. The xenon lamp has a higher brightness, and is generally equipped with a lens. The light emitted is very focused. Therefore, it is loved by everyone. The color is different from the ordinary halogen lamp, and the light line is white. Gas lamp is stimulated by high voltage current, so it has longer life and better energy saving effect than halogen lamp. And the brightness is 300% higher than that of halogen lamp. But because of the high technology, the production cost is much more expensive than halogen lamp. But its brightness still makes many people like it.

LED headlamp: in addition to the above two types of headlight, LED headlight is also more and more into people's sight, but when hearing led, you may think more about beautiful daytime driving lights. In fact, this kind of light source with many advantages has become the choice of more and more automobile headlamp lighting. Energy saving, environmental protection, durability, small size and instant lighting are the characteristics of it to become the choice of automobile headlights. But at present, due to the structure and cost constraints, it can only be applied to some high-end cars. Laser headlamp: the laser headlamp sounds like a full sense of technology. Although the laser headlamp has not been installed on any mass production vehicle, BMW and Audi, two brands that are good at playing with the lamp, have announced that the laser headlamp will be equipped with a mass production vehicle in 2014. The laser headlamp seems to be getting closer and closer to us. The light-emitting element of laser headlamp is laser diode. From the name, we can know that it has countless ties with LED light-emitting diode. They have many similar advantages, such as fast response speed, energy saving, small size, long life and low brightness attenuation. It has more advantages than led in energy consumption and volume.

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