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Why do car headlights have water droplets inside the wall? How to deal with it?
2022-01-10 15:07:31

Have you ever seen water droplets/fog on the inner wall of your headlights? Small white car owner friends generally see such pictures will think that the headlights "water", want to open 4S shop processing, but the old driver know that this is a normal natural phenomenon, in order not to let the small white continue to small white, today xiaobian will explain to you why there will be water droplets/fog phenomenon.

First, there are fog and water droplets in headlights. The reasons are generally as follows:

1, temperature change: in a long time after using the lights immediately turn off, it is easy to cause the lights into fog;

2, improper car washing: the use of high pressure water gun to wash the car lights easily lead to water droplets into the vent, causing the lights into fog;

3, wading too deep: once the depth of water exceeds the wheel, it will enter the lights from the vent;

4, rain and snow days easy to lead to water headlights, and then produce fog.

Two, headlight fog treatment method:

In this case, we do not need to worry too much. After the lights are opened for a period of time, the fog will be discharged from the lights through the ventilation pipe with the hot air, which will basically not harm the headlights and electrical circuits.

1. Park the car in the sun or in a dry place.

2. Start the car engine and turn on the headlights to light up all functions.

3. Drive the car directly, the condensation in the lamp dissipates faster.

4, if it is found that the lights frequently appear water mist, mainly because the headlamp seal ring is not good, or to check the lamp body is better, now the lights are generally integral, if the damage is obvious, or replace the better.

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