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What are the functions of car headlights? The function of automobile headlamp
2021-03-26 10:32:38

There are many lights in a car, each of which has its own function. It's especially difficult for beginners to master. They always don't know when to use which car's headlight. One: turn signal

Turn signal is the most commonly used signal lamp, which is turned on when the vehicle needs to turn. It should be noted that the time to turn on the turn signal should be about 30 meters to 100 meters away from the turning intersection, instead of being turned on when it is already at the intersection, so that the following vehicles are caught off guard and cause rear end collision.

The second function of automobile headlamp: headlamp

There are two types of headlamp: high beam and low beam. Use the low beam on the road with street light in the urban area, and use the high beam on the road without street light or on the expressway. When meeting, turn off the high beam and change to low beam.

The third function of automobile headlamp: tail lamp (brake lamp)

When the brake light is on, it tells the vehicles behind that they are braking and pay attention to decelerating. When you find the front taillights on, be prepared to slow down.

Function 4 of automobile headlamp: emergency signal lamp (double flash)

In case of emergency such as temporary parking due to vehicle failure, double flash should also be turned on in bad weather with low visibility. The emergency signal lamp is closely related to the driving safety, so it is necessary to check whether it is normal from time to time.

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